Easily give items a second life

Swishi is a Marketplace and Recommerce Platform connecting you to sustainable trading options from people and businesses, to easily give items a second life.

We show you different ways you can give items a second life

Do you want to reuse, recycle, repair or resell? Whether it's recycling reward programmes and take-back schemes from businesses, or second-hand items from individuals - find the right listing type for you in our organized directory.

Multi-sector categories to give all items a second chance

It's not just about clothes or toys, we want to show you trading options for a diversity of items.

Unique matching function connecting you to trading options

We empower you to choose the right exchange option for you. Contact the option you choose, agree on trade details and help reduce waste.


Find a sustainable trading option quickly

Easily give items a second life

Shop consciously and sustainably

FOR Businesses

Boost revenues and attract new customers

Increase store traffic and customer loyalty

Contribute to the circular economy


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